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Former Scotland Goalkeeper Banned from Driving

Former Rangers and Scotland goalkeeper Andy Goram has been banned from driving for six months after he admitted speeding.

A court heard that the former International goalkeeper was caught driving at 45mph in a 30mph limit on the A711. As a result, he was handed a £100 fine and a further three points on his licence. Mr Goram already had nine points on his license for similar offences with the three additional points resulting in a six-month ban.

The representation of Mr Goram criticised the ruling stating that the ruling would affect the former goalkeeper’s ability to attend charity events. His solicitor said: "This man has thrown himself into charity work and the concern is that he will not be able to keep up his commitments if he loses his licence.”

Proposal to Change Driving Law

The news story regarding the high-profile Andy Goram comes after the Scottish Government had admitted that it was considering changing driving laws so that minor offences could be removed after 12 months with no more incidents.

The changes, which were highlighted in our previous blog post, would allow drivers to have a clean slate effectively after a year. However, the proposals have been condemned by insurance groups as well as a road safety groups.

Criminal Offences on the Road

Regardless of your status or the event you are attending it is illegal to speed on the roads. With more emphasis put on road safety, especially in the build up to the festive season, it is imperative that you take care on the roads. However, if you are charged with speeding or another road driving offence our team of solicitors can help. Get in touch with our team of expert solicitors today using our online contact form or call us now on 0808 250 4574.

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