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One in Five Drivers Risk "Morning After" Driving

As many as one in five drivers have risked driving the "morning after” a night of heavy drinking, when they may still be over the limit, according to a new survey from road safety charity Brake and Direct Line. Almost one in ten (9%) do it at least once a month, and 5% take the risk on a weekly basis.

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One in 35 over Drink Driving Limit during Festive Period

Police Scotland statistics have revealed that there was a significant drop in the number of drink driving offences over Christmas in comparison to previous years.

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More than 20,000 Alcohol Related Disqualifications since 2011

According to data on drink driving offences in Scotland, which was obtained through a Freedom of Information request, more than 20,000 drivers across the country have been disqualified from driving as a result of alcohol-related car offences.

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