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Over 2000 Road Traffic Offences During Road Safety Week

Police Scotland have stated that they were disappointed by the number of criminal offences on Scotland’s roads during Road Traffic Safety Week.

Road Safety Week saw more than 2000 offences from drivers in Scotland despite efforts to raise awareness of the dangers on the roads.

Speeding Offences Scotland

Speeding was the most common offence on the roads with more than half of all offences relating to driving at dangerous speeds. Road Policing Unit officers detected 941 offences and the Mobile Safety Camera Units recorded a subsequent 709 offenders. Careless driving was also a common offence noted by officers with 197 cases, 17 of which were deemed dangerous driving. Despite efforts to reduce mobile phone usage with hand-free sets and in-car calling, there were 145 cases of motorists being charged with use of a mobile phone. A further 121 road users breached seat belt law.

Superintendent Fraser Candlish, Head of Road Policing for Police Scotland said: “I am disappointed that so many drivers chose to ignore these warnings and were prepared to risk themselves and other road users, with the result that hundreds of drivers now face a range of sanctions from receiving corrective advice, to the issue of fixed penalties or being reported to the Procurator Fiscal.

“Several of these drivers, particularly those detected for Dangerous Driving, are more than likely to be appearing in court facing penalties which could very well see them banned from the road, with the consequence of, in some cases, losing their livelihood and possibly their liberty.

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