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Two-Thirds of all Road Traffic Offences are for Speeding

A major study into road traffic behaviour has found that over two-thirds of road traffic offences are a result of speeding; however, there are a third fewer speeding crimes than there was five years ago.

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Over 2000 Road Traffic Offences During Road Safety Week

Police Scotland have stated that they were disappointed by the number of criminal offences on Scotland’s roads during Road Traffic Safety Week.

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Road Casualty Reduction Targets Ruled Out

The Department of Transport has ruled out the reintroduction of road casualty reduction targets despite pressure from a number of road safety groups.

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More than Half of Child Seats Fitted Incorrectly

Research has found that more than 50% of car seats in the UK are fitted correctly with 71% of all seats surveyed found to be fitted incorrectly or incompatible.

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Calls for U-Turn Over Wiping of Driver Offences

A number of road safety campaigners and insurers have called for the Scottish Government to scrap their plan to wipe driving licences clean after 12 months.

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