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Two-Thirds of all Road Traffic Offences are for Speeding

A major study into road traffic behaviour has found that over two-thirds of road traffic offences are a result of speeding; however, there are a third fewer speeding crimes than there was five years ago.

The statistics come following a collection of data from AutoExpress, which looked into figures in England and Wales, although many experts believe the trend is the same across all of the UK with on average, every two in three road traffic convictions being due to speeding.

The research analysed car insurance convictions revealing that speeding or speed-related convictions made up 66% of all those currently on record.

Although the statistics reveal that speeding remains one of the most common offences on the roads in the UK, the latest data also shows that improvements have been made to tackle the number of offences. Others have stated that the drop in the number of offences is a result of a lower number of police officers on the roads.

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In the UK, speeding is the most common criminal offence resulting in court action. The data revealed that the number of people being charged with speeding or dangerous driving due to being stopped by a road traffic officer was down, but the number of convictions as a result of road traffic cameras was at a record level.

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